Security for Dynamic Linux Environments

Make your Linux environment ‘non-stick’ with continuous proof of integrity.  Attestation technology secures from the inside-out, providing active defense against breaches, persistence and other vulnerabilities. Our observability tools baseline and improve Linux security posture. Easy install, no root access needed.

Getting Started is Easy...

-Installs in under 5 minutes

-Unprivileged java agent (no root) 

-Zero performance impact

-No credit card required


Security Using Attestation

Proofzero uses attestation technology to manage Linux integrity.

Our smart agent captures unique telemetry data to observe, audit and prove the integrity of servers, containers and infrastructure

Active Defense for Linux

Business demands are rapidly shifting to more dynamic and virtualized environments, yet security solutions have not kept pace.  Most technology-driven businesses are powered by Linux and but few Linux-specific security solutions exist.

Defend: Proofzero protects your Linux stack across both cloud-native and bare metal infrastructure. Our active defense is like a virtual Teflon coating for your infrastructure: nothing form the outside can “sticks”.  We help eliminate the threat of persistence on machines using attestation to continuously force machines to prove integrity. Our product provides robust coverage across MITRE ATT&CK categories: Execution, Persistence, Privilege Escalation, Defense Evasion and Lateral Movement.

Monitor and Improve Security Posture

Proofzero meets you where you are in terms of security posture. Our tool is designed to scale alongside your needs. 

Baseline: Once our agent is installed, we work behind the scenes to establish and baseline your Linux security posture telling you where you stand. 

Improve: Our unique observability data, coupled with smart automation, helps coach your team to an improved posture. We leverage our team’s deep Linux background to only surface true vulnerabilities and hardening recommendations. Our smart agent verifies improvements over time. 

Comply: Compliance headaches? Proofzero checks multiple compliance boxes, saving you time and money.  Whether SOC 2 or PCI-DSS ask how we can help.

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Preemptive Remediation

Proofzero wants to be your first call when questions or concerns arise. Schedule time with us directly from the Proofzero app, or reach out to us on Slack.

Whether requests for remote services, product feedback or interest in how Proofzero can provide cyber insurance coverage, we are here to help. 

MSPs & Development Firms: Proofzero partners with select development firms and managed service providers who wish to use Proofzero with clients. 

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